Why Our Clients Choose To Invest In Us

Author: Mia
Tuesday, May 18 2021

We asked two of our clients, East Sussex and Notts and Lincs credit union why they choose to invest in us, and the changes they have experienced while using our services. Here is what they had to say.

What are the biggest changes you experienced after you started using our services?

  • We have seen a massive improvement to our loan process. It was streamlined from the moment we went live & gave us the capacity to handle large volumes without having to recruit more staff. It also enabled us to reduce loan turnaround times from 3-5 working days to same day. For the first time we had everything we needed in one platform; we stopped having to click out & log into other web portals to perform credit checks, open banking & review documents. We can now target our promotions to specific groups of members through the notice function on the mobile app & web; this isn’t something we were able to do previously.

  • Previously we were using paper for most tasks and an online system from legacy back offices left a lot to be desired. We gained a mobile app and a fully functional online login system, which we were starting to really need to keep up with both members’ expectations and our competitors. Alongside that, a way of tracking everything online in an easy to use and understand way, saving heaps of processing time.
    We’ve grown a lot since then, the systems are much better and always improving, which means we’re getting closer and closer to being a competitive lending option, thanks to Viva IT's input.

Why did you choose to use our service over other options?

  • We really liked the ethos of collaborative working at Viva IT. It’s great that everyone benefits from the outcomes of development projects that are funded by other credit unions. Viva IT understand the credit union market and have priced their service so that we can afford to have the digital services we need to offer to our members in order to remain relevant and accessible. At ESCU we love the forward thinking of Viva IT and their proactive approach.

  • The system that we had prior worked okay, but it really took a lot of work to manage on all ends – we wanted something that was easier to manage, secure, and took some of the workload off of our staff. We considered a few options that were available to us at the time, some of which we’d used before, some we’d never heard of, even bespoke development, and Viva IT was the one that seemed to offer everything we wanted from our systems.

How do you use our service?

  • We use the service for all of our member facing services such as new members, loan applications, members area of the website & mobile app.

  • I believe we use most of the services Viva IT offers – mobile app/online system, TaskStack, Launchpad; Infinity on the whole. We’re planning on using the service more in the future as it develops and we can control more of our services from Viva IT's front-end.

What do you like most about our service?

  • It’s very user focused, we have never experienced a drop in service levels & feel we get a personal service (I’m sure everyone does.) The helpdesk is very responsive and we enjoy having regular contact to go through new ideas, any issues or just a general update.

  • My personal favourite thing about Viva IT's systems is the ability to control a lot of the simpler elements of the systems ourselves, rather than scheduling in every small change we want to make. This level of control gives us the ability to try new things within our processes and make tweaks as and when we need them. It seems like a small point but it really makes the service a lot more versatile and customisable to each credit union’s needs.
    As an overall point, I’ve always found that the support from Viva IT has been fantastic, and various staff here have remarked the same. From the helpdesk to the planning meetings - anytime we’ve asked for it.

Any other points?

  • It’s only been 15 months since we started working with Viva IT and since then we have had the best feedback & results from our Member Satisfaction survey. We are excited to be working on more projects with Viva IT that will not only help us in the background but further enhance the service to our members.

If you would like to chat about the needs of your organisation, please feel free to contact us. We would also love to hear your thoughts, reach out to us via our Twitter or LinkedIn page.

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