Apollo Infinity - New Features - April 2021

Author: Mia
Wednesday, April 28 2021

Over the past month, the team has been working hard developing new features for our credit union partners and to bring more automatic digital services to Apollo Infinity.

Below are just some of the new features that we have been working on during April.

Granular access control for Workstreams

APC-4496 This new feature will now allow you to change who can see which workstream in the settings interface. You no longer need to contact the helpdesk to modify workstream permissions.

Simply visit Launchpad settings, click on the workstream you wish to amend, and there will be a new button (Edit Workstream) where you can change some of the settings including its name, and who on your team can see it.

Loan Exposure Signal

APC-4307 We then developed a new signal that will allow you to filter items in workstreams, based on the loan exposure of a member. Some ideas that it could be used for include; filtering new loan applications, product applications and deposits or withdrawals.

Tracking form conversions

APF-5803 By developing this feature, with a simple tweak, we can push data into your Google Analytics account with detailed information about the forms your members are filling in.

Adding functionality to allow CU staff to delete member submitted proofs

APL-1181 With this feature, if a member submits incorrect or documentation that doesn't support their applications and doesn't need to be kept, you can now delete the uploaded files directly from Launchpad. Simply click the 'Trash' icon, a note will be recorded on who deleted the file for future reference.

Show held funds in Member CRM

APL-1452 The Member CRM will now show a breakdown of any held funds against a balance, this is very useful if you need to explain to a member why their available balance may be less than their balance. It includes held funds such as:

  • Pledged shares against loans
  • Minimum balance requirements
  • Pending withdrawals.

To find the list of held funds, simply view the balances of a member in the CRM, and click on an account for a full breakdown.

Track underwriter/approver of a loan

APC-4595 With this feature you can now track the approver/underwriter for loans, supported by our automatic arrears functions you can use this information to monitor and assess the performance of loans in real-time compared to actual arrears.

Password Reset Analytics

ADHOC-1124 A new set of analytics is now available in Quicksights covering Password Resets. Including high-level summaries for board or managers.

Exactly what percentage of members successfully reset their password in the last 30 days?

For the detail, it is broken down by age, membership length and other dimensions, they are essential to maintaining and improving your digital services.

This joins 18 other major improvements to Quicksights since it was launched less than 60 days ago. If you've not seen the full suite yet, go and check them out.

If you would like more information on the above or to chat about the needs of your organisation, why not contact us. We would also love to hear your thoughts, please feel free to reach out to us via our Twitter or LinkedIn page.

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