At Viva IT, our main objective is to work with businesses and their staff to discover innovative & specialised solutions to enhance their processes and allow them to advance within a competitive market.

Our Business Development Process

Stage 1

Our business analyst will visit your organisation and observe your processes. Once they have studied the way your business works and have become familiarised with it, they will pinpoint the ways in which your methods can be improved.

Stage 2
Exploring Solutions

Working with the business and its stakeholders, we create a solution suited to the specific needs of that company

Stage 3

Our developers will work with the business analyst to build the solution, making sure that it meets all of the business’ requirements.

Stage 4

We will work with you to implement your developed solution. Once your new solution has been implemented, we will see that your staff are trained in how it works, and will provide support to your business for the solution.

Stage 5

After a period of time, our business analyst will return to review the solution we put in place by measuring how well it has bettered the working of your company. If we can see additional room for improvement, we will look for new solutions to be implemented into your business processes, ensuring your further advancement in the competitive industry.

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