Apollo Infinity - New Features - May 2021

Author: Mia
Friday, May 28 2021

During this past month, the team at Apollo Infinity have been working hard to deliver new features to our credit union partners.

Below are just some of the new features that we have been working on during May.

Share to Loan Transactions

APC-4414 Automatic share-to-loans transfers are now available in the mobile app and on the web portal. Interest is calculated automatically and imports into select back-offices.

Proof of Photo/Address/Workplace Signal

APC-4701 Our scorecards now have signals that can detect whether your members has Photographic ID, Proof of Address and Proof of Employment on file.

If you're looking to clean up your members records, this would be a good way to prompt members during the request processing to update their information.

Credit Searches Performed within x months

APC-4673 A new workstream filter and scorecard signal is now available to analyse the last time an applicant was credit searched in Launchpad. This lets you automate your loan processing further by only performing credit searches on existing applicants that haven't had a recent search.

Track underwriter/approver of a loan

APC-4595 You can now track the approver/underwriter for loans, and in conjunction with the automatic arrears module you can use this information to monitor and assess the performance of loans in real-time compared to actual arrears.

It's important to set this feature up early so you can report on loans going forward as it will not function for historic loans.

Publish Junior Membership Application Form

APF-5857 Junior members can now automatically import into the back-office with a different savings account, if you have a requirement that a junior member needs to open a special account, this can now be automatically handled.

Password Reset Analytics

ADHOC-1124 A new set of analytics is now available in Quicksights covering Password Resets. Including high-level summaries for board or managers.

Exactly what percentage of members successfully reset their password in the last 30 days?

For the detail, it is broken down by age, membership length and other dimensions, they are essential to maintaining and improving your digital services.

This joins 18 other major improvements to Quicksights since it was launched less than 60 days ago. If you've not seen the full suite yet, go and check them out.

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