The Benefits Of Our App To Members

Author: Mia
Friday, June 4 2021

At Viva IT, we strongly believe that your members should have a great experience with your credit union. Our apps are for everyone, for all age groups, and designed with accessibility support for visually impaired or deaf customers. The apps are written natively for iPhone and Android, and can be searched in the App Store and Google Play. All of your services, available within our app are customised to the needs of your organisation and customers.

We are constantly making improvements to our app, now allowing your members to communicate with staff, spread the cost of loans, all while working with your back office system, which also means we can enforce your own policy rules. Delivering a seamless experience for your members.

East Sussex, one of our credit union partners did a survey with their members around the launch of their new app, and this is what their members had to say:

‘The website & app are fabulous’

‘I like the fact that l check how much is in my account and can withdraw anytime.’

‘The app has made it easier to access my online account and sort out my finances.’

‘Really love the new App and member area. Very slick!’

‘Only joined within the past 12 months. Easy process and great tools to manage - my account (e.g. App)’

For more information on our app head to Alternatively if you would like to chat about the needs of your organisation, please feel free to contact us. We would also love to hear your thoughts, reach out to us via our Twitter or LinkedIn page.

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