Our New Website

Author: Natasha
Wednesday, March 4 2015

We decided it was time to strip things bare and start again, the Viva IT website has had a facelift! Our brand new site is now up and ready for viewing, and we couldn’t be any more excited about it.

A Fresh Face

Over the last few months, we’ve had something pretty big in the pipeline. We decided it was time to give ourselves a facelift. We felt as though the previous Viva IT site just didn’t show people what we were all about, and that it was time for a change.

We put our heads together and discussed what we wanted people’s first impressions of us to be, of course these days most first impressions of a business don’t come from the employees themselves, but their online presence.

After coming up with an extensive list of things we wanted from our website, including a ‘Labs’ section for us to post all of our developer-specific anecdotes, we decided that it was a better idea to re-develop our website, in order to focus on our products and services in line with our growth and ambitions.

To the Drawing Board

Wireframes were created for the dream-Viva IT website. Once this was done, we went about finding a designer to bring our ideas to life. As a team mostly made-up of developers, we felt as though we needed someone with a creative touch to bring their input into the website.

Laura Williams of Laurium was the perfect choice for us. Not only were we really impressed with her portfolio of website designs, as supporters of growing businesses, particularly ones local to us, we were incredibly happy that she was also from Leicester.

Laura has worked with us over the last couple of months to create designs which truly capture the website of our dreams, and we’re overjoyed with the results.

The Final Result

The team has worked hard to make Laura’s designs a reality, her skills have been invaluable to us, and we’re extremely pleased with the final results. We’d like to thank Laura for her designs, and her patience over our indecisiveness.

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