Three Months with Viva IT

Author: Luke
Thursday, September 28 2017

The environment we work in is very conducive to concentration and reflection, being modern, spacious, and a stone's throw from a scenic walk along the river Soar. Now in my third month of working at Viva IT, currently based out of, this is a chance to take stock and share a little of my experiences.

My first impressions of Viva IT was of a small team comprised of highly technically skilled and dedicated developers. Looking beyond that I note a company with the willingness to provide a budget to empower staff with the correct tools and training to do their jobs well. The semi-regular Viva IT sponsored events during the working day such as team barbecues or impromptu Gelato tasting sessions are great (& usually tasty) fun. Macs and Ipads are the order of the day, in our modern and bright offices.

There is a genuine desire to implement and attain a level of best practice, and a pervasive desire and willingness to improve processes and try new things. This does not degenerate into being a fad-of-the-month operation however thanks to the team's rock solid commitment to following an underlying Agile approach. This approach to doing work encompasses Scrums, Sprints and Retrospectives as one would expect from Agile, albeit with a little Viva IT specific customisation.

I look forward to strengthening relationships with our expanding client base, and enjoy working within those close working relationships which enable prompt feedback and helps to compliment our iterative approach to work well.

Over the next few months I aim to help create a framework that will allow us to be able to grow our client base without sacrificing any part of the two-way communication and good customer service that we pride ourselves in providing.

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