Apollo Infinity - New Features - 08/2017

Author: Luke
Monday, September 4 2017

An update on brand new features we have developed for organisations that use our Apollo NXG system. We are certain that some of the features on this list will be directly useful to your Credit Union.

For ease of quoting to us, each new feature we are highlighting has a corresponding product code. On this blog entry we have 2 features available for early access, 3 great fully developed features, and 3 simple but 'quick win' features.

Please contact us for more information on any of these new features.

Early Access Available

Withdrawal to Bank: Time Notification APP-219

Give members estimates of when pending withdrawals should appear in their bank accounts. This will be 'smart' information which takes into account the custom rules of your Credit Union, the date, and the time. An example notification would be "Your money should be in your bank by 5pm today".

TaskStack: Automated NXG password resets TAS-476

Let customers trigger an automatic password reset on their account, accessible through their email, without making extra work for the credit union staff. This is provided the member answers certain key questions about their account to ensure no negative impact on your security.

Available Today

TaskStack: Time Bound Tasks TAS-392 - See performance for a given tag using the new reporting tools for SLAs.

Monitor your internal SLA's with TaskStack - Time Bound Tasks. This new feature shows comprehensive information using concisely illustrated graphs to show processing times / backlogs on all of your 'stacks' of work. Aids visibility for escalations. For example a task which you promise your customers has a SLA of 24 hours could be escalated to another individual automatically if that time period is exceeded. See your success rate at meeting your key SLA's over time. This is the star feature of the early third quarter in many ways, and we are excited about the potential for its use at your Credit Union! - Does a tag have an SLA? Use tag settings to view at a glance. - Configure the time of an SLA in the way that best suits your use.

TaskStack: Pre-defined Messages TAS-427

Saving time on your email campaigns and reducing customer queries. Send out automated email messages to targeted members based on specific criteria. An example could be, for a member attempting to register for a password, to send an email message to the member automatically when registration details don't match.

TaskStack: Tags with Conditions TAS-509

Improving organisation within TaskStack. Tags can now be added automatically, depending on integration conditions. "If condition X matches, then add tag Y". An example of real world use is to add pass/fail tags relating to bank account verification, so that a membership team only needs to process the tasks that fail an automatic check. This feature currently interfaces with GBG and CallCredit bank validation specifically, but could be expanded to incorporate Credit Checks and other integrations as required.

Quick Wins & Ideas

Referrals APF-325

Find the evangelists in your Credit Union community! For a new member application, optional info about member referrals can be collected. An example is if a colleague or friend recommended the applicant, their name or membership number might be asked for on the signup forms.

Information Required: Forewarning APF-316 Reduce applicant headaches. A message can be added before sign-up to inform the applicant of the information required, for example National Insurance number, passport or driving license.

Google Flow Tracking APF-343

See key information about your online conversion rates. If you already use Google Analytics, this feature adds the ability for workflows to send over statistics. For example, track the progress and completion of workflows.

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