We’re Going to #PHPNW15

Author: Natasha
Monday, September 7 2015

We’re off to the PHP North-West Conference 2015, for a weekend of learning and socialising with other members of the PHP community.

An Abundance of Opportunity

Here at Viva IT, the PHPNW conference is always the long-anticipated event of the year. There is always so much opportunity to learn about lots of different technologies and the experiences that other developers have had. The event is ideal for the transferring of knowledge as nobody has all the answers, even experienced developers will learn something!

Events such as these bring with them the opportunities for developers to improve their skills and share their experiences so that they can learn the best practices, from some of the best in the industry. They also provide means for developers to build a network that can enhance support and encourage creativity for innovation.

Community Sharing and Support

This year’s PHPNW conference weekend promises chances for developers to build on their skills, and plenty of opportunities to socialise and connect with other members of the PHP community. We believe that events such as this are incredibly important for supporting developers, and that supporting the community for the industry is vital in allowing development teams to gain the best skills and resources available for their work.

The weekend includes a hackathon, talks by 27 official speakers, an un-conference track, and a social event. We are incredibly excited to be going to this event as it provides a way for the developers in our team to broaden their knowledge and develop their techniques, while being able to relax and socialise with others who share their interests.

We’re passionate about what we do, which means we aim to provide the best training opportunities possible for our development team. Going to events like these enable our team to learn the skills necessary to become some of the best developers in the industry, allowing them to create quality and invaluable software tools for our clients.

You can follow our team on Twitter to see what we get up to throughout the event. You can see what went on last year, by taking a look at our PHPNW14 blog post.

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