The Viva IT Bake-Off: Week 4

Author: Natasha
Wednesday, September 9 2015

It’s the fourth week of the Viva IT Bake-Off, and this week’s bake is more of a chilly treat as our first dessert makes an appearance!

A Delightful Dessert

The fourth week of the Viva IT Bake-Off brings with it a tasty dessert on behalf of Matt, our new Senior Developer. He decided to create a delicious Key Lime Pie for everyone in the office, using a family recipe. Matt’s Key Lime Pie is the first of the Viva IT bakes that requires chilling more than being cooked in the oven.

The Key Lime Pie is similar to a cheesecake and consists mostly of buttery-biscuit base, a creamy lime-flavoured filling, and a whipped cream and lime zest topping.

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