The Viva IT Bake-Off: Week 5

Author: Natasha
Tuesday, September 22 2015

We're over halfway through the Viva IT Bake-Off! This week's bake combines a delicious soft sponge cake with the sweet pinch of lemon.

A Bitter-Sweet Treat

The fifth bake in the Viva IT Bake-Off is a delicious Crunchy Lemon Drizzle cake, courtesy of James, our newest Software Developer. James’ Lemon Drizzle cake is a delicious classic sponge with a twist, instead of using icing on top of the cake, the recipe called for a combination of lemon juice and granulated sugar in order to create a bitter-sweet crunchy topping. James said that he also used some of his own ‘baking secrets’ in order to make the sponge so light.

Up for the Challenge

Although James is a newer member of the Viva IT team, he was happy to take part in the Bake-Off, and is always eager to take part in any challenge given to him in his role at the company. James has been familiarising himself with the company and its culture well since joining the team, you can take a look at his “A Month with Viva IT” blog post to see what he’s been getting up to.

We’re always looking for dedicated individuals to join our team, if you think you could be our next star-baker and valued team member, take a look at our Careers Page.

To see what other creations the team come up with, you can keep up with the Viva IT Bake-Off on Twitter and on our blog.

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