A Month with Viva IT | Matt

Author: Matt
Wednesday, September 23 2015

I've been with Viva IT for a month now. After years working for web and design agencies I decided to follow the path of what I enjoy: mentoring, sharing knowledge, and writing great software.

The first week was spent familiarising myself with the Viva IT projects and workflow. It gave me a good insight into the thinking behind the way things are done. From local development, right through to the Open-Source and collaborative style of working on the code bases via pull requests on GitHub.

Working with the team has been the highlight of my job so far. The team has recently grown in size. To see them gel as a group and work together to solve the challenges they face is a fantastic thing to be a part of. Interesting perspectives and insightful advice leaves me very excited about a future working with them.

The attitude and care towards investing in staff at Viva IT was no more evident than when we travelled to Symfony Live in London just last week. The day was filled with learning experiences, entertaining talks, great conversations and people telling us "hey, you're the group in orange!" as we walked around the conference in our bright orange (and very comfy) Viva IT hoodies.

I'm very happy here. The consciencious and quality-driven approach to writing software, as well as the value placed in the core ideals of learning, growth, and knowledge-sharing is exactly what I'd been looking for.

I'm looking forward to working on new and exciting challenges, improving the existing products and attending more events with the team. PHPNW15 is coming up in a little over a week and I'm thrilled at being able to spend the Friday in tutorials and workshops learning from some of the best there is.

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