Symfony Saturday Workshop

Author: Kiel
Monday, June 9 2014

When we found the Symfony2 framework back in 2013, we could see the power and potential it could have to the PHP community.

We are strong believers of building and networking with the tech-community and encouraging people to try new tools. What better way to do this than inviting people from all over the country to join us at our offices for what turned out to be a high-speed, crash course on the tools and techniques we have learnt since starting to use Symfony, and its associated tools?

We are incredibly grateful for the people that gave up their Saturday to join us, we wanted to make the event as productive as possible.

We have listened to the feedback from our guests and will be building this into future workshops. We also hope that this experience will encourage other companies in the community to open up and share. We understand that many companies are very protective over their processes and IP, but we feel that by letting other people experience the way you work and the tools that you use — it will serve to encourage other developers to build their skills and create better and more rewarding jobs.

This workshop was free, and we would love to continue running them at no cost to the participants. All we ask is that you spread the word, tell people how it went, and encourage other companies to open up.

Our GitHub page containing resource files for the workshop can be found here.

The PDF version of the slides can be found here.

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