Sustainable Travel Challenge

Author: Kiel
Thursday, June 12 2014

Like most companies, we travel in and out of work, each day. We would come into work a little later usually, in order to avoid the traffic, and work later too. It worked well, but with the early morning sun poking through the curtains in the morning, we were more eager to come into work earlier.

So we’ve all converted into cyclists. Coming into work along the excellent cycle routes on offer in Leicester City is much more fun and rewarding. We’ve also set up a Viva IT team page on Strava, and we’re competing for some nice prizes on the Leicester Sustainable Travel Challenge website.

Roll on Summer!

The biggest positive, is that we can now have a bite to eat in town without having to look for parking. We were tempted to make the jump into cycling by using Dock’s pool bikes, which are an excellent way of getting in and out of town. Now we have our own bikes, we can commute and reap the rewards.

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