Supporting Young People in the Community

Author: Natasha
Thursday, June 4 2015

Take a look at how we’ve been supporting young people in Leicester, and helping them to learn invaluable new skills to take into a career.

Viva IT in Local News

Last week we were featured on the front of the Leicester Mercury’s ‘Jobs’ section to celebrate the six-month milestone of our apprentices.

Making Headlines

On Wednesday the 27th of May, Viva IT was featured on the front page of the Leicester Mercury’s weekly ‘Jobs’ pull-out.

The story focuses on the company’s employment of the two apprentices mentioned in the previous post on Viva IT’s Blog, and how apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for both the businesses and young people involved.

Read all about it!

We are very excited to share the story of apprentices at Viva IT and what they have brought to the business, and what a great opportunity hiring apprentices is for any company.

Apprenticeships can provide invaluable experience to young people, and give them the skills they need to get into their chosen career. They are also a good way for businesses to gain members of their team who are fully-trained for working at the company, and new insights and ideas.

If you would like to read the full story printed in the Leicester Mercury about our apprentices, and what apprenticeships bring to employers and employees you can read it here.

Inspiring Children in a Digital Age

On Thursday the 4th of June, Viva IT will be attending the Code Club meet up in Leicester to discover ways of helping future developers step into the world of programming.

Developers of the Future

Code Club is an initiative created in order to teach young people, aged nine to eleven, how to code. Their main goals are to inspire children to build and share ideas, while learning at the same time. You can find out more about the organisation on their website.

Viva IT is structured upon programming, and we believe that coding is a vital skill in the digital age. Our main goals are to help all businesses embrace technology and use the advantages that come with it to flourish and become more efficient.

We’re off to the Code Club meet-up in Leicester to find out more about how we can help Code Club encourage children to start coding. Learning to code means that children can gain a variety of skills including strengthening their problem solving and logical thinking, and have a head-start in becoming motivated to pursue other digital hobbies.

To find out more about the Code Club meet-up in Leicester, take a look at their Eventbrite page.

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