Viva IT Apprentices Reach Six-Month Milestone

Author: Natasha
Friday, May 1 2015

It’s been six months since two apprentices joined the Viva IT team, here we take a look back on their time with us and talk about the experiences they’ve gained in this short time.

The Value of Experience

In October 2014 we took on two apprentices who are studying as part of the ‘Aspire Achieve Advance’ (3AAA) apprenticeship scheme in Leicester.

We made the decision to get involved with the apprenticeship scheme because we know how many talented and enthusiastic individuals there are who are looking for a way of starting their careers, but are unable to get their foot in the door.

It is important for younger people to get the commercial work experience they need in order to excel at their career, and this kind of experience will unleash their potential and allow them to become engaged and eager to get involved with the industry.

We were excited to have the opportunity of sharing our knowledge, experience and methods of training with young people so they can have access to the leg-up they need in order to start their career.

Developer in Development

The first of the apprentices is Jack, he studies for a Level 3 Diploma in Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professionals.

During his time at Viva IT, Jack has had a lot of involvement in a range of our projects, including the development of some of our new products that help businesses become more efficient, services, and our website’s redesign. With our training, he has learned how to develop innovative systems as part of a team in a commercial environment, and about the different aspects that are important to a business’ development, performance and growth.

“Since starting my apprenticeship at Viva IT, I've been able to get involved with different aspects of software development that I previously had no experience with. Prior to my apprenticeship, I had only been involved and had experience with community driven projects. While working with Viva IT I have been able to develop my skills towards a commercial level.”

Learning the Tricks of Trade

The second apprentice is Natasha, she studies for a Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media for Business.

While at Viva IT, Natasha has been developing her skills in the field of marketing. She has spent a lot of her time discovering ways she can appropriately sell our vision, services and products to potential clients.

One of her first challenges was to raise awareness of the events we sponsored in November; Leicester Launch48, a 48-hour event where those who attend get to pitch, build and launch a startup; and PHPEM14, an annual un-conference event held for PHP users in the East Midlands. She has since been working hard on other projects including the content writing and SEO improvements for our re-designed website, and the building and implementation of marketing strategies to help raise awareness of the business.

“Before starting my apprenticeship with Viva IT, I didn’t have much experience with marketing as I hadn’t been able to fully develop these skills within a learning environment. The training that I have received through my apprenticeship means that I have been able to learn different ways of strategising my ideas and plans in order to measure results, and learn new ways of analysing a target market and what they want. The skills I’ve gained have already proved to be invaluable, and they will be something I can use to boost my career and develop as time goes on.”

Jobs of the Future

Apprenticeships provide on-the-job training for young individuals to take into a commercial career. This training is vital and gives real-world experience to young people, allowing them an advantage against other candidates when looking for a job. Apprenticeships also offer the chance for the individual to get a head start in looking for a full-time position in their dream career by making connections with the right people.

Kiel Goodman, Technical Consultant at Viva IT, talks about what hiring apprentices has brought to the company: “One of our core principles as a company is to develop and support our staff. Taking on apprentices is a great way of being able to nurture new talent and give them the confidence and experience to operate in a demanding and competitive marketplace. In return we gain valuable fresh insights and a real sense of working to support the community.”

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