One Month At Viva IT

Author: Mia
Wednesday, March 31 2021

Sharing my experiences of my first month working at Viva IT as a business development manager.

Before working at Viva IT, my previous role was based in an international sports charity where I typically focused on travel and communications. Since joining Viva IT as the new business development manager, I have really enjoyed the different types of challenges that I have faced. One of the main differences is that the company follows a more agile way of working which is very different to what I have been used to previously. Despite this I have enjoyed the challenges of working in a fast pace team and getting to grips with the way things work.

Moving to a remote team was also something that was fairly new to me, but to see how the team at Viva IT collaborates together makes teamwork feel effortless. Although we don’t all sit together in an office, the feeling of being in a collaborative, enthusiastic and creative team is still very much present.

Initially at the beginning of my employment, some of my biggest challenges were my lack of technical knowledge and how that affected my ability to understand what was happening within some parts of the business. Despite this, everyone in the team has continued to support me and has been very willing to help and explain anything that I didn’t understand. In collaboration with the team I have managed to write blogs and social media posts around our new features, which has both been a challenge but something that I have enjoyed doing.

During my first month at Viva IT I have been mainly focusing on our social media pages and blog posts and have been able to share all our hard work with the outside world. I have also spent time introducing myself to all of our credit union partners and starting to work with them in relation to our marketing content. Part of my role is to also help improve/maintain our internal community, and over this past month I have been focusing on how we can further strengthen the team, which has been a really great project and everyone has been receptive to my ideas and eager to participate.

In conclusion I know that my future at Viva IT will be great and that I will be able to develop my career and skills. Not only due to the fact that we all have our own training budget to spend on our personal development, but we are always being given support to allow us to grow and learn. I am looking forward to continuing my career at Viva IT.

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