Apollo Infinity - New Features - March 2021

Author: Mia
Wednesday, March 17 2021

The team has been working hard to develop new features during this period, to automate our Credit Union partners and bring more automatic digital services to Apollo Infinity. This blog includes some of our new features that we have been working on over the past six months.

Add filter for whether member is in arrears

APC-4517 This feature will result in a new filter in Launchpad that will allow Credit Unions to automatically identify workstream items (such as loan applications and withdrawals) in which a member is in arrears. Credit Unions will now be able to put these items into separate queues for manual processing.

Signal to identify free text name of Employer

APC-4500 This feature allows a score value to now be assigned to a list of employers in score cards.

Loan Checklist

APL-1150 When looking at loan applications in Launchpad, Credit Unions can now automatically add checklist items along with additional notes. Launchpad can help Credit Unions manage these checklists by selectively adding questions to items in work streams at different parts of the process.

Easy editing of additional borrowing

APL-1204 This feature will help to improve the loan officers' understanding of how much additional borrowing is to be issued. The loan officer will now only be able to edit the additional borrowing and the total amalgamation will adjust accordingly.

Add additional state to loan application of "disbursed"

APC-4136 A new loan state labeled ‘disbursed’ has been added to go alongside other loan states (e.g ‘approved’, ‘declined’). This new ‘disbursed’ state will be considered complete and will behave as if approved. This label will allow credit unions to easily identify whether an approved loan has been disbursed yet or not.

Duplicate membership detection

APC-4271 The duplicate membership filter can now search for duplicate membership applications in addition to duplicate members. So if you're having problems with members reapplying, this should help you identify duplicate applications and send the appropriate response without triggering AML checks.

Ability to search by member number in Deposit Workstream

APL-1321 Search for membership numbers is now available in the Deposit workstream within Launchpad. This should help you find specific withdrawals by members.

Delay the available balance calculations on certain transactions

APC-916 Launchpad now respects any transactions that are scheduled to clear in the future (such as cheques or card payments), available balance will be held until after this date to ensure that your members have up-to-date information about their accounts without finding out later that their withdrawal was unsuccessful.

Add queue action for withdrawals to set new hold duration

APC-4515 With this new action to set how long a withdrawal request is held against the available balance of an account, this can be used for example to place withdrawals on hold if you have notice periods, or if you need longer to authorise and action them.

If you would like more information on the above or to chat about the needs of your organisation, why not contact us. We would also love to hear your thoughts, please feel free to reach out to us via our Twitter or LinkedIn page.

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