Three months with Viva IT | Kane

Author: Kane
Thursday, December 22 2016

My first 3 months at Viva IT has changed my perspective on work and software forever.

That went very fast!

I was shocked when I was told that it was time for my 3 month performance appraisal or the first 25% of my apprenticeship (which scares me greatly). When I started with Viva IT I couldn't have imagined where I am now.

At Viva IT I have achieved so much, from learning how lots of different software and development tools work, to doing a talk at the PHPem un-conference. So far at my apprenticeship I have learnt the basics of how Symfony and PHP work and I can now independently fix bugs and create my own hobby projects at home. Another great achievement is that I have learnt how to work in a office environment and how to work in an Agile way, which I see as a great achievement as this is the first real job I have ever had!

Although I have achieved so much at Viva IT, there is still lots that I need to achieve. For example I still need to improve my knowledge greatly on how Symfony and PHP work. Also one thing I need to aim to achieve is to speak to my colleagues using a more technical language. This is so otherwise the team might be confused about what I am saying. Also I would really like to contribute to an open source project one day soon, I think it would be a very unique experience.

I can't wait to learn more, I am excited to learn more about the tools I use at work and more about programming. I am also excited by the chance that I have been given to learn and succeed in a friendly and fun environment.

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