Apollo Infinity - New Features - 10/2017

Author: Luke
Tuesday, October 31 2017

October update on new features we have developed for organisations that use our Apollo (NXG) system. We are confident that key features on this list will be directly useful to your Credit Union.

For ease of quoting to us, each new feature we are highlighting has a corresponding product code. For example the above image showing staff member completion of Taskstack Forms is now available as TAS-514.

Please contact us for more information on any of these new features.


APF-216 Email Reminder to Resurrect Forms

Remind an applicant or member when they have a partially filled in form to complete. - Above example email message to applicant with an abandoned form.

In the past, when a form was started but not completed, the returning individual would need to refill in the information, or worse still, abandon the attempt. Now we can capture the members email early in the process, and remind them when that they have a partially completed form to complete, using this email address. A provided link will take them straight back to where they left off.

Length and freqency of reminder notifications is fully configurable to your requirements, and can apply to some or all forms.

TAS-514 Taskstack Internal Forms - Demo form to display forms configured for Taskstack users.

TaskStack just got more useful. Easily access and fill in forms internally via TaskStack such as holiday requests, payroll queries or any other kind of internal form. Simply provide us with the existing form and confirm who you would like to have access to fill it in, and where you would like the form to go for processing.

APW-180 Automatic Password Reset - Members can have access to reset their own passwords.

Reduce administration and increase response time to members with our new automatic member password change. Members now have the ability to reset their own passwords when logged in.


APP-312 Share Withdrawal Digests

Scheduling options improved for Share withdrawal digests - batches of member withdrawal requests from Apollo. Withdrawal digest scheduling, typically daily or hourly during the week days, can now respect the existence of Bank Holidays and adjust digests accordingly around them.

AMO-44 Wording Change

On the Mobile App, related to withdrawals, "Choose To Account" has been altered to "To Which Account?" to improve clarity.

APF-474 Curtains Member Import - File Type

We have renamed to .TXT so you don't have to change Curtains File Explorer to look for CSV each time you want to import a Loan Application.

TAS-562 Task Attachments - See Filenames

Filenames were not shown in Task attachments, but now are.

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