Mobile Matters in Credit Unions

Author: Kiel
Tuesday, March 1 2016

In February 2016 we recorded over 18,000 live balance enquiries and over 1,700 withdrawals using the mobile app for a single credit union. With thousands of members logging in weekly shows just how important live access to your money is.

We are really blown away at the popularity of our mobile app to bring accurate real time balances to members of credit unions that might be more used to having to call or go into the branch.

Credit Unions traditionally offer their services via post, telephone and web. However, even though they offer competitive products to organisations such as banks, building societies and payday lenders, access to those products is typically via slow processes such as paper forms or having to call the branch.

By giving your members access to their own money and making it easier to borrow money on the move, you can explore opportunities to offer products that are highly competitive and stop people resorting to pay-day lenders.

Apollo Mobile is branded to your credit union and securely allows members access to accurate balances information and withdrawals from a mobile device. Designed so that it can operate well over poor mobile links so that even people in blackspots of fast mobile Internet coverage can use the app.

I'm incredibly proud of the entire team that was involved in creating all the separate moving parts to this complex project and with so much more planned for the app we are very excited to see it's incredible popularity at this early stage.

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