PHP Performance Profiling

Author: Kiel
Monday, July 11 2016

We create our own web apps from the seeds of an idea and scale them up to mission critical services. Our team has experienced many growing pains of scaling such services and are pretty adept into reducing bottlenecks and profiling apps to ensure that they run efficiently.

This experience comes into it’s own when we work with our partners in the role as a technical partner and recently when asked by one if we could take a look at improving the declining performance of their web app, we relished the chance to see if we could make a noticeable difference.

We took the time to evaluate the code and server configuration, through a set of changes recommended and implemented by our server and development team, we applied the patches and monitored the new performance of the system...

In the ‘before’ configuration, the average response time was around 6.5s, after apply our patch set, the server was now operating under 0.2s response time. A massive improvement and one that was most certainly noticed by the end-users! We even found and fixed an unreported bug in the process.

As the app is operating more efficiently, there is a real opportunity also at scaling down the server, resulting in a real measurable return on investment that will be long lived. If you consider the massive improvement in the end-user experience too, the RoI both tangible and intangible is very high.

As PHP and Symfony specialists, if you have a web app or a challenge why not get us to take a look.

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