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Author: Natasha
Friday, July 3 2015

We believe that coffee is one of the simple things needed to create great software, so on our mission to find the greatest coffee around we’ve signed up to a Has Bean coffee subscription.

Quest to Find the Best

We’re not only passionate about creating great software here at Viva IT, we also love coffee. The Viva IT office has recently acquired a new bean-to-cup coffee machine, which has motivated us to try lots of different types of coffee and blends, alongside the great coffee available here at Dock.

We believe that coffee is one of the simple things required to keep us focussed in order to make great software and allow for a happy team, so we’ve decided to sign up to Has Bean’s In My Mug subscription service. This means that there is a constant supply of fresh coffee beans in the office, each delivery bringing new flavours with every different blend.

What is the Has Bean Subscription?

The Has Bean subscription means that we receive weekly deliveries of fresh blends of coffee straight to the Viva IT office, with each type of coffee having its own unique flavour. In addition to this, Has Bean also releases a weekly video blog called ‘In My Mug’ to compliment the blend for that week.

The subscriptions vary in price, quantity and frequency, starting at £30.00 for a month-long weekly subscription up to a £250.00 year-long weekly subscription. There are also options for fortnightly and monthly, available for those who won’t get through one type of coffee a week.

To find out more about Has Bean’s coffees and their subscription services, take a look at their website.

Our Verdict

We have loved having a different coffee to try every week, each blend bringing new flavours that usually aren’t found in your regular coffee. The team have enjoyed being able to come into the office and enjoy a fresh cup of great-tasting coffee every day.

Trying a variety of coffee has encouraged the team to give other things a try, such as different teas.

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