Apollo Infinity - New Features - June 2021

Author: Mia
Wednesday, June 30 2021

During this past month we have been working on a number of new small features for our credit union partners.

Below are just some of the new features that we have been working on during June.

Proof count filter on a specific proof type

APL-1547 You can use this filter in combination with the 'unread' uploaded docs filter to ensure that a member has uploaded something in all categories before it is moved to 'documents to review'. This means the application can stay 'waiting on docs' for longer as the member is required to upload something in each.

Automatic log-in using 2FA

APL-1562 If you have 1Password (recommended) as your password manager, Launchpad now supports automatic entry of the 'two factor' authentication code directly into Launchpad. This can log you in, in a fraction of a second without having to manually enter the six digits.

Fixed list of subjects in the enquiry form

APF-5824 You can now create a drop down of different 'subjects' so when someone uses the 'secure messaging' form in the app, there will now be a list of options they can choose from. This allows you later to ensure the question promptly gets to the right person or department.

Making Checklist Feature available to New Member workstream

APL-1483 The checklist function is now available for New Member workstream items, now you can add checklists with an action on the workstream just like you have done for loan applications.

Removal of TAS Password Reset Destinations For All Tenants

APF-5853 We're extremely pleased that we have now removed our TaskStack product from handling password resets for all tenants. This venerable service has been in place for years and did a sterling job processing over 150,000 of them. However, times have changed. Launchpad now has taken this responsibility and we're seeing with the new flexible logic, improvements of 10-60% to a first try automatic password reset success.

Ability to process "Loan Purpose"

APL-647 The workstreams can now detect and process differing 'Loan Purposes' so if you want to handle 'Home Improvements' differently to 'Car Loans', you now can!

Loan and Arrears Workstreams

APL-1240 Regrettably we cannot yet announce general availability of this, however an update to the development is that it will be shortly available (we expect in the next 4 weeks). We're addressing some quality issues before we make it generally available. As the feature can potentially send out automatic communication to members about their loans we want to ensure that it sends these communications at appropriate times (for example, not at night) which could cause undue stress. We're also improving the quality of the arrears detection so 'Early Arrears' can be handled separately.

2FA verification

APC-1170 Having two-factor switched on is the easiest way of securing your account, so even if your credentials are exposed or if your email address gets hacked, the random code will provide another layer of protection against your account. We've made it much more prominent on how to switch this on and simplified the enrollment process so staff can perform it without assistance.

CallValidate: Number of Active CIFAS Records

APC-3984 You can now filter your new membership - loan applications based on the number of CIFAS records (if your CRA sends over this information). For more information about CIFAS, speak with your account manager.

 In addition to the above major features

We also completed the following:

  • Bugs fixed (minor improvements): 16
  • R&D tasks (soon to be announced): 14
  • Client requests (at no additional charge): 74
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