Apollo Infinity - New Features - 09/2020

Author: Kiel
Tuesday, September 29 2020

Our mission is clear. It is more important than ever before that we aid you in the efficient digital transformation of your credit union. We continue to bring more automatic services to Apollo all available under our Infinity Programme.

A lot of new features arrived between March and September! Please contact us to discuss the next features you wish to implement.

Apollo CRM managed share transfers

APL-1127 Share to Share transfers are now available in Launchpad in the Member CRM, and available to members themselves if you enable them. You can now add the action in settings and start automatic share to share transfers. This feature initiates a transfer between their accounts managed by you.

Ability to search by member number in Withdrawals Workstream

APL-731 Search for membership numbers is now available in the withdrawal workstream within Launchpad. This should help you find specific withdrawals by members.

Instant back-office synchronization for Apollo CRM

APL-1163 We will automatically update all members information from your back-office when you load it in Launchpad. You should never have old or out of date information again!

Handling fortnightly and 4-weekly paid loan agreements and repayment schedules

APC-729 Launchpad now supports Fortnightly and Four Weekly based loans, this should also integrate with your back offices. For help setting this up on your forms, please contact the helpdesk.

Filter out repeat applications

APC-3828 We have two new powerful signals for your loan processing scorecards.

  • The number of days since a currently active loan was last approved from a member
  • The number of days since a fully repaid loan was approved from a member

These should help you filter out repeat applications from applicants.

Telephone Import Improvements

APC-3872 We've addressed some issues in how telephone numbers are imported into the back office, if the leading 0 was stripped out, it should now be put back in.

Running Balances

ADHOC-957 We have polished the member experience and are now happy to announce that running balances are available both within the App and on the web portal.

Integrated Reporting Framework

ADHOC-875 We have developed a reporting framework which integrates with Apollo Launchpad and can show live information such as number of members using the app or loan performance. Bespoke reporting is now a service we can offer under the Apollo Infinity programme using your Infinity time.

Consolidation Loans

APC-3810 Our new consolidation loan technology acquires and stores actionable information on members with multiple creditors, and can even aid with arranging effective disbursal to them. Specific functionality may vary depending on your existing back office software. There has never been a better time to implement a consolidation loan with Apollo.

"Telegrams" appear in Launchpad Communications Panel

APC-3619 Those credit unions that rely on "Telegrams" in their current back office software should now see them visible in the communication panel for the given member, showing as 'pinned' messages with a red highlight.

Instantly updated balances

APC-3694 As standard, balances may be up to 15 minutes maximum out of date to members upon login. Developed in response to a particular credit union requirement, after configuration this feature adds a 2-5 second login delay for members but in return uses that time to fetch more recently updated balances from the Apollo system.

BulkSMS API Integration

APC-3844 We now integrate with BulkSMS.com providing an alternative SMS provide to Esendex.

Taggable Workstream Items

APL-848 We heard you, you wanted custom Tags on items in workstreams. So we've brought Tags to Launchpad. Tag anything and everything, loans, membership applications, withdrawals, even members. You can then use tags to filter reports later down the line.

The Launchpad tags work side by side with your tags in your backoffice, so they all show in the same place at a glance, so now when you're underwriting a loan you can see all the tags applied on the member and the loan at the same time.

You can even use workstream actions to add and remove tags.

As Tags are completely flexible in how you use them, it's up to you to decide how to best apply them, but some ideas we've had from clients include:

  • Segment members during a loan application phase so arrears data can be brought back into those segments.
  • Tagging members as vulnerable or have special needs so special consideration is given at each step of the process.

We'd love to hear more about how you're using tags, be sure to post in our Apollo Infinity user group.

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