Apollo Infinity - New Features - 03/2020

Author: Kiel
Tuesday, March 24 2020

We're working harder than ever to automate your credit union and bring more automatic digital services to Apollo. Remember, it's all included in the service.

Some new features arrived in March!

OpenBanking Integration

APL-415 We have partnered with TrueLayer to provide a seamless OpenBanking experience to your members, now when you request documentation proof in Launchpad you can choose for them to submit bank statements via OpenBanking. In trials we have seen that approximately 60% of members opt to submit their bank statements this way, and as it's all digital there is no cranking of your head or squinting at the screen to read photos of bank statements.

Transactions will be categorised according to their classification and we'll help with providing some basic summaries that you can use to underwrite the loan. No contracts to sign, and pricing is pay-as-you-go, so you can start using it right now. Just give us a call.

Recommend a colleague function

APP-1313 Our sign-up forms now support referral codes (on request), each member has a unique code which we can distribute to your credit union that you can use in email promotions or via a social media shareable promotion in the app that allows your members to refer others.

Who referred who will show in the new member panel in Launchpad or we can send it over to you in bulk.

Equifax/LendingMetrics AML Search

APP-3589 Apollo Launchpad joins TaskStack in the ability to perform AML searches with the added advantage of all the automation available in Launchpad. If you're a LendingMetrics customer it's now possible to totally automate your new member process including sending the new member their membership number via SMS message at the end. Just another small but significant step in wholly automating your back-office processing.

Coming very soon: Bank Checks and Credit Searches in Launchpad!

Password Reset Workstream

APL-696 Good news, password resets are now wholly handled through Launchpad which means if you're still doing them from TaskStack we'll be in touch to migrate them over. Having them in Launchpad is significantly more secure as we can perform more checks, bespoke checks for your CU and using the ever growing collection of automations and actions such as to streamline them which include member communications and security requests like 2-factor requests.

We're really excited about this development and we will continue to bring more and more features over into Launchpad.

rPost Integration

APP-3525 rPost joins the list of e-Sign providers we support which includes Adobe Sign, DocuSign and Signable.

If you already have an eSign account with rPost, then get in touch and we can link it in with your account for consolidated billing.

Show loan balances with interest to member

AMO-316 We're making it easier for members to fully understand the amount owing on their loans by showing the loan balance with outstanding interest that may not yet have been posted on to the product. This will show on the mobile app and on the online portal to all fixed term loans, we'll be looking at bringing this to revolving credit products shortly.

Ability to select the communication method in the comms panel

APL-666 You can now select the outgoing communication method in Launchpad, with the option of posting an internal message (staff only), sending an email or a text message to the member. With prominent colour coding it is easy to see the method at a glance and reply back accordingly. Another small but noticeable improvement designed to make it easier to help your members.

Coming soon, in-app messages with push notifications!

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