Website and UI Graphic Designer

Not your typical "website designer" role. You will be expected to produce reasoned and insightful graphical interfaces to complex software.

Viva IT is an innovative and exciting software development company. We specialise in creating web-based software to help and grow small to large businesses. Although we have a fully remote workforce, we are centred in the East Midlands, UK.

We believe there are just a few simple things needed to create great software: state of the art technology, a super-fast continuously delivering pipeline of code, a relaxed working environment, and most importantly a like minded team people.

We take an hybrid-agile approach to product development, forgoing the traditional vertical structure of management, meaning that even our newest staff will be given opportunities to lead and learn.

Ultimately, we want people who have a compulsion to solve problems, that thrive at being challenged, crave knowledge, aspire to be the best, a desire to deliver value, and most of all, people who have a real passion for the work. People just like us.


This is an ideal role for a website designer and/or user-interface designer with 2 or more years of experience. This is not set in-stone and we will consider candidates outside of this.

The role is open to full-time, part time or contract basis, however we are primarily looking for a permanent member of the team rather than a freelancer.

To be clear, this role is not solely a general purpose website designer and developer (i.e. Wordpress layouts/themes), but one designing highly intuitive interfaces.

Our ideal candidate will have experience of:

  • Mobile first and responsive website design.
  • Mobile device interface design (Apps).
  • User interface design of web apps
  • Excellent skills demonstrating ideas, layouts, prototypes, mock-ups and final assets.
  • Analytical and reasoned design whether it is customer facing or a complex interface of a back-office system.
  • Excellent skills communicating with stakeholders involved in design projects and developers.
  • Good skills using Adobe Creative Suite to produce unique and original designs.
  • Modern content management systems (not Wordpress)

This role is focused on interface design rather than development, however the following skills would be useful:

  • Print graphic design.
  • Small project management.
  • CSS3 and HTML5 skills to construct final layouts of a design.
  • React and single page apps.
  • Static site generators

We have a number of projects at various stages of completion, from ones still at the concept stage to production and in use by large organisations.

Remote Work

The extended COVID-19 lockdowns accelerated our plans to become a remote-first company. Our team has transitioned to work-from-home and there are no plans to return to the office. We heavily use remote collaboration tools and have found no significant issues. Although the path to remote-first includes an international team and no restrictions on working times, we're not quite ready for this yet.

It is critical that:

  • You have a quiet and comfortable location where you can work from home.
  • You can travel occasionally (once a month) to a location in the East Midlands, UK.
  • You can work typical office times 09:00 to 17:30.
  • Must be based in the UK permanently.

What is the work like?

For an insight into what is like working with Viva IT, take a look at some blogs from staff.


Starting salary negotiated based on previous experience with annual reviews.


We are not licensed to sponsor a visa and we have no immediate plans to register for a license.

Eligibility to work in the UK

Please ensure that you are eligible to work in the United Kingdom before you apply.


We do not work with recruiters in any capacity. Please do not call us or send unsolicited CV's.


Although we have a remote team, we do occasionally meet up for social or business critical kick-off meetings. It is important that you can occasionally travel to these venues which will be based around the East Midlands.

Job Directory Websites

If you came to this page via another recruitment website or job directory, please be advised that if you submit your information through this job directory channel, you might not get a response.


As this role primarily focuses on visual designs, it would be very useful to demonstrate existing work if possible (layouts, designs, etc)

If you're interested, please send us anything you'd like us to take a look at such as your CV, cover letter, links to your personal website, portfolios or GitHub to

Grow with us. Help us to succeed, and we'll help you to succeed.

If you have a further enquiry that might not be answered on this page, or you would like to apply for a role on our careers page, it is crucial that you contact us via our email address. We will not be able to help via the telephone. Any messages sent to our careers email address will be picked up by a member of our team.