Introducing Apollo Airlock

Author: Luke
Tuesday, October 3 2017

Apollo Airlock is a new layered security system just released into early access that works seamlessly with your existing systems and services. Give your staff more confidence in dealing with requests, and empower your risk committee to set automatically enforceable policies to increase security and peace of mind for your members.

Please contact us for more information or to join the early access and to help shape upcoming features of Apollo Airlock.

Before Apollo Airlock

Most Credit Unions are using a model called the 'egg shell', illustrated above. Verifying a members identity over the phone, via mobile, in person or through the internet can leave Credit Unions at risk of fraudulent requests. There is one layer of security to get through and multiple ways to get through it.

With Apollo Airlock

Increasingly sensitive requests require increased security. Apollo Airlock will prompt Credit Union staff for specific verification methods (fully customisable for your Credit Union) at each stage, for example during processing of a members request over the phone, and restricts permissions and information to insufficiently validated members. Apollo Airlock is not a replacement for staff vigilance, but can greatly reduce the risk of fraud from social engineering. Apollo Airlock also introduces new methods of member validation such as two factor authentication using an email or mobile phone.

Overrides can be built in to allow for dealing with specific exceptions. Full and detailed logs are kept of how the system is being used, to allow comprehensive auditing of interactions.

Member Experience

We have designed a smooth transition path from your current system to the new security model, which is as unobtrusive as possible to Credit Union members. Airlock works from any internet connected location so it can be flexibly deployed, for example at your main office or other collection points.

Staff Experience

Staff will benefit from clear on screen guidance as to what a member is authorised to do at any security level, as well as being steered on the path as to how to increase ('escalate') the available permissions. They can issue security alerts which will be flagged up to other staff members in the event they believe there is any suspicious activity occurring, for example a 'member' who repeatedly calls up and fails validation.


Apollo Airlock integrates with Curtains and other Apollo ecosystem services such as Web and Mobile. If you use our other Apollo services in tandem with Airlock you will benefit from enhanced visibility of your members actions such as last login date/time, and highlighting of suspected fraudulent activity.

Early Access

Apollo Airlock is currently available under the Viva IT early access program, and Credit Unions who implement at this stage will shape future features of the system and recieve a brilliant deal on the cost of the implementation.

Next Steps

Download a more detailed.pdf brochure on Apollo Airlock by clicking here, then contact us quoting Airlock Early Access, for more information.

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